Wednesday 28th December

Wednesday 28th December

Storm warning for Helensburgh and Lomond.
The opening of a Waitrose store in Helensburgh could only be good for business claim other towns who have gone through similar debate.
New dangerous dog laws hailed a success.

News desk - Thursday 29th December 4:35pm

The story did not come from Waitrose. We called several agencies in towns which have recently had a store open to ask what the impact had been. We reported their response. We have covered the views of numerous residents both for and against the supermarket proposals over recent months and will continue to do so.

John Smith - Thursday 29th December 10:07am

A recommendation from Waitrose's own property agents? Helensburgh house prices are already unaffordable for most of us so more professionals coming in to put them up even higher? Expect urtv to be more objective in reporting such rubbish. Out of town stores kill town centres.

Pat Crawford - Wednesday 28th December 3:34pm

Surely this recommendation from other towns will carry some weight with our council where the voice of the people has failed tio impress them.

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