New Cinema for Helensburgh?

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New Cinema for Helensburgh?

It might not look much now but an old building on George Street in Helensburgh is set to become a new centre for arts and will include a cinema

Natalie Love - Tuesday 8th May 4:16pm

does it not cost a fortune to get new movies into cinemas? will it be all older movies cos if thats the case it wont last long not in this day an age, tho i hope im wrong! would be good to be able to see new movies here without having to travel .....with regards to parking hardly any places in helesburgh dont have parking and are doing fine we all just need to get up and walk there its not far from town :)

melanie andrews - Tuesday 10th January 5:50pm

its all gone quiet is it still going ahead - according to report above it should be starting in 4 months?

andrey - Tuesday 10th January 3:23pm


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