Wednesday March 30th

Wednesday March 30th

Nominations for the May elections to the Scottish Parliament have closed. We take a look at mens health and local trust holds final open meeting of the year.

Chloe - Sunday 17th April 8:55pm

I think Dr.Brown has done a great job of telling the men to do that well done Dr.Brown

Gary Wilks - Wednesday 30th March 11:12pm

Well done Dr Brown, raising the factual issue regarding Men's generally recognised, historical, cultural and inherent characteristics when it comes to seeking out medical advice/intervention from G.P's. the promotions of normalising and de-stigmatising visiting your doctor/surgery can only be a good way forward. Bravo

Clive - Wednesday 30th March 7:20pm

The Medical Centre opening times have not always been user-friendly for the 9 to 5 working population and it's so good to see that Helensburgh MC now start early in the morning so that you can still get to work after your 7am appointment

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