Political message from Andrew Nisbet

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Political message from Andrew Nisbet

A political message from Andrew Nisbet, standing for the Helensburgh and Lomond South ward, in the council elections on May 3rd 2012.
Other candidates standing in this ward are: David Kinniburgh, Ellen Morton and Richard Trail

Andrew Nisbet - Wednesday 2nd May 12:29pm

Joan. Sorry for the delay in responding, only just out of hospital after having my knee tendon repaired. Such are the joys of the campain trail. In Argyll and Bute it seems unlikely that any one grouping will have an outright majority so a coalition is the likely outcome. In these circumstances the better the people you elect the stronger the influence they are likely to have. In the case of the Westminster Coalition its is important to recognise that, despite the early opptimism, Lib Dems did very poorly returning fewer MPs than before. There were two choices - either form the coalition or let the Tories run a minority Government. If we had chosen the latter, there is no doubt in my mind that Cameron would have called another election in the October. As a party we had no funds left to fight another election and Labour was in total disarray. I believe he would then have got a substantial majority. Then you would have had a Tory Govt that the likes of Lord Tebbit and John Redwood crave. I think that, with less than 16% of the MPs in the coalition, we have been a moderating force. We are moving well towards the £10 k tax free allowance; we now have a triple lock on pensions guaranteeing at least an annual 2.5% rise. Have we got everything we wanted? - of course not, but the vast majority of the Britsih public did not vote for us. We did not win the right to impose our full manifesto but we have got a number of success. However, returning to a local level, Council's are essentially about delivering or ensuring the delivery of high quality services for their communities. Vote for the people you think are most likely achieve that.

Donald Campbell - Friday 27th April 12:01pm

A Conservative-Liberal Democrat partnership coalition, working together for you.

joan.changeddays - Wednesday 25th April 1:59am

Andrew I deem you a good councillor/candidate - but like I'm asking all Lib Dems-IF i vote for you - will I get Tory - hopefully not. Good luck & respect for what you have done,

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