Political message from George Freeman

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Political message from George Freeman

A political message from George Freeman, standing for the Lomond North ward, in the council elections on May 3rd 2012.
Other candidates standing in this ward are: Maurice Corry, Fiona Howard, Danny Kelly, Robert Graham MacIntyre, Kenneth Smith and Susie Smith

Shandon Resident - Monday 30th April 2:04pm

Hear hear, I will also be voting for Mr Freeman

Iris Heggan - Monday 30th April 1:08pm

You seem an honest hard working candidate, the CHORD issue is the biggest mistake ever taken on council tax payers behalf, and if you have any influence please use it? The self serving individuals who live on another planet will reap what they have sown this week. As I live in Shandon you will be getting my vote and that of many of my friends and neighbours.

joan.changeddays - Wednesday 25th April 2:35am

As a former and loyal Garelochhead 'girl' I cannot understand your logic ....... at the risk of sounding like a Tory sound bite (God forbid).....we are in this together; and I believe improvements throughout A&B will benefit all - we need each other to thrive and survive. Let's not do 'us and them' politics. Divide and conquer is not a great mantra.......Pull together and live together regardless of age, creed, ability, disability or locality,sounds much better to me

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