Political message from Fiona Howard

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Political message from Fiona Howard

A political message from Fiona Howard, standing for the Lomond North ward, in the council elections on May 3rd 2012.
Other candidates standing in this ward are: Maurice Corry, George Freeman, Danny Kelly, Robert Graham MacIntyre, Kenneth Smith and Susie Will

joan.changeddays - Wednesday 25th April 2:18am

Good luck Fiona - real knowledge and keen interest without ego is much needed in all areas of local politics BUT please do not focus on the disgrace that is Faslane - workers are bused or ferried in, and not in the numbers quoted - and certainly not to the advantage of true locals that fell for WD/MOD propaganda-just ask Garelochhead and Roseneath residents living next to 'safe houses'.........do they feel safe?

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