Political message from Gary Mulvaney

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Political message from Gary Mulvaney

A political message from Gary Mulvaney, standing for the Helensburgh Central ward, in the council elections on May 3rd 2012.
Other candidates standing in this ward are: David Alastair Allan, Vivien Dance, Richard William Humphrey, Aileen Morton and James Robb

Donald Campbell - Friday 27th April 12:10pm

Concrete Square, the only time in my life I will not be supporting the Conservative candidate or his employees and cronies.

Timmy Timmy - Thursday 26th April 12:22pm


joan.changeddays - Wednesday 25th April 2:10am

Gary I presume that unlike (as we hear), David Cameron & Co you know the price of a pint of milk..................but do you really know the cost of life and living in our area? If you do, will towing the party line - and/or really caring for our community before we get to the neglected graveyard with or with out media coverage? However I applaud going from words to action AT LAST!!!!!

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