Political message from James Robb

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Political message from James Robb

A political message from James Robb, standing for the Helensburgh Central ward, in the council elections on May 3rd 2012.
Other candidates standing in this ward are: David Alastair Allan, Vivien Dance, Richard William Humphrey, Aileen Morton and Gary Mulvaney

James Fisher - Saturday 5th May 10:47am

Well done on your victory at the polls... Hopefully this marks a new page for Argyll and Bute with ''open government" top of the agenda

Donald Campbell - Monday 30th April 9:56am

Sorry urtv for multiple messages it wasn't intentional and I don't even know how I did that. Can you remove them? All this is a bit new to me.

Donald Campbell - Sunday 29th April 8:27am

Sorry urtv I don't know how that happened - its all a bit new to me. I just put in one comment. Tracey Beaker is a silly name to hide behind, having grand children has many blesings. You obviously don't know much about disability or local politics. I will be voting for James Robb, Ellen Morton, Dave Allan and Vivian Dance. What about you?

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