Police Station Opening Hours

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Police Station Opening Hours

The proposed night time closure of the Helensburgh Police Station is still under consideration. Strathclyde Police have finished their public footfall analysis and are now carrying out the public consultation phase. Maria Rasmussen reports.


portrait of Maria Rasmussen Maria Rasmussen

DSB - Friday 15th April 5:48pm

The thin end ofthe wedge. I lived in Beith in Ayrshire when the Police office was closed overnight. Within another year or so all police activities were transferred to the neighbouring town of Kilbirnie where the local HQ was based. Watch this space, I see a large area being cleared in front of the police HQ in Dumbarton; is this where all Dunbartonshire and Argyll & Bute's police will be based in future? The public are already discouraged from visiting any police office; the doors are locked and when you ring the bell a support worker comes out to ask your business. Perhaps we should just pay them all off and save all of the cash spent on wages, overtime, cars, buildings and support. There is no point in paying for a large beehive in Dumbarton and getting very little attention to crime here.

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