Wednesday April 27th

Wednesday April 27th

Analogue television signal to be turned off soon, UR TV speak to relatives of John Logie Baird, Council look for beach cleaner and preview the next part of the political hustings.
Watch Part 2 of the UR TV hustings here

Hello, it’s Wednesday the 27th of April, I’m Maria Rasmussen. In today’s news:
Helensburgh beach goes a drift, and is it Scotland, Westminster or Brussels who have control?.

But first, Television as we know it is about to change. The current analogue television signal will be switched off across the country in the coming weeks and will be replaced with a new, stronger digital signal. Digital UK organised a ’come home for switchover" event at the Logie Baird Pub on James Street this morning, and I had the privilege to chat to two relatives of the helennsburgh inventor.

VT – Logie Baird relatives

Now, its official, Helensburgh beach is rubbish. A national survey by the Marine Conservation Society has named East Bay as one of the worst in the country for washed up debris. However, Argyll and Bute Council have promised to clean up its act and are looking to recruit a new beach cleaner. And, as we reported last month, there is a volunteer group which meets at 10 a.m every Friday to clean the East Bay and if you would like to get involved please contact Alison Rutherford on 01436 675 603.
Now yesterday we showed you the first part of the URTV ‘Hustings’ event and we now have the second, which sees concerns over who is and will be running Scotland.

VT – Hustings

And if you would like to see the second part in full just click on the link below.
And finally the weather today, sunny with some cloud and a high of 16 degrees celcius. and tomorrow sunny with a high of 18. Thats all for today, thanks for watching.

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