Thursday 28th April

Thursday 28th April

Traffic warden job safe, Dr Brown discusses stress, Centre 81 opens in Garelochhead and preview part 3 of the hustings discussing employment.
Watch Part 3 of the Hustings here

Hello, it’s Thursday 28th of April, I’m Maria Rasmussen.
The fate of Helensburgh’s only dedicated traffic warden is to remain in the balance for another year. While Strathclyde Police consider dismantling the traffic warden scheme in other areas, Argyll & Bute Council has decided to keep George Rankin in his job for at least another year, especially while redevelopment of the town, under the long awaited CHORD project, gets underway.
Now, with the school holidays over, exam time is just around the corner. And as youngsters take to the books, the pressure and isolation of studying can take its tole. We spoke to URTV resident doctor Rodger Brown to get some advise for students at this stressful time.

Video: Doctor stress VT

And for the youths of Garelochlead, help is also at hand. Centre 81 opened its doors recently to provide an all round retreat for youngsters including a quiet place to study and activities to help unwind. We went to visit to see for ourselves.

Video: Route 81 VT

And we have the third installment from our Hustings event at the weekend, and the issue at hand is unemployment in the area.

Video: Husting Excerpt 3

And if you would like to see part three in full just click on the link below.
And finally the weather today,

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