Wednesday May 4th

Wednesday May 4th

Elections Tomorrow, Water in Collingwood Pl. safe says Scottish Water and Helensburgh Savoy begin rehearsals for Wizard of Oz

Hello, It’s Wednesday the 4th of May, I’m Jo de sylva.

With less than twenty four hours to go before the polls open to elect Helensburgh’s next MSP, none of the major parties are taking votes for granted. Jackie Baillie, labour, is trying to hold on to a slim majority and keep the Dumbarton seat, of which Helensburgh is part. Latest polls suggest the SNP, which is represented locally by Iain Robertson is gaining ground in the constituency. If you haven’t made up your mind on who to vote for there’s still time to view URTV’s parliamentary hustings in the features below and see for yourself what all the candidates have to say.
The water supply of the street where five Helensburgh women suffered miscarriages in less than a year has been given the all clear by Scottish Water. The water company took samples from the taps of two properties in Collingwood Place on Wednesday April 13th.  Yesterday, a Scottish Water spokesman broke news of the results saying: “Following analysis of these samples, it was confirmed that the water met the Water Supply Regulations Act 2001.” The information has been sent to Argyll & Bute Council’s environmental health department, the Consultant in Public Health Medicine at NHS Highland and the customers at the properties where the samples were taken.
Now, local thespians will be pleased to know that Rehearsals start this evening for Helensburgh Savoy’s 28th production and for the first time in their history the theatre group will be performing The Wizard of Oz. We spoke to some of the group members to find out more.

Video: Savoy VT

Auditions for Principal roles will take place on 18th May and details will be provided at rehearsals prior to this. Separate auditions will be held in August for younger children.
And finally the weather today, sunny with some cloud and a high of 18 degrees celcius. and tomorrow, i’m afraid, its rain with a high of 15. Thats all for today, thanks for watching.

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