Jackie Baillie on the Osborne Site

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Jackie Baillie on the Osborne Site

Jackie Baillie on the Osborne Interiors site upset on Cumberland Avenue.

grant rowney - Wednesday 5th September 4:39pm

i back that 100 %.the developer obviously cant be trusted and therefore must be stopped from any firther chance to "develop",or any firther permission to do anything.it is the duty of the council to prosecute on this matter and all of the local people are watching very closely to see if members of the council do everything by the book. R.J.

Pat Crawford - Monday 3rd September 8:58am

Weak, Jackie, very weak. You know full well that Osborne Interiors will be delighted to be asked to tidy up the site as that would be their next move before building on it. They must be thanking their lucky stars that you are campaigning for them to be encouraged to do so. By all means support the building plan if that is what you think should happen - show your true colours - but don't patronize the townsfolk. If a tree preservation order was breached, than the council MUST take appropriate action. As a public servant, you should be clearly and unequivocally in support of that. Save the Castle Woods!

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