Weekly Review May 22nd

Weekly Review May 22nd

A look at some of the stories on URTV Helensburgh from the past week (16th – 20th May)

Hi, Im Maria Rasmussen, and this is a round up of the top news stories this week.
And we start with Helensburgh composer Alan Craig, who conducted his latest creation at the opening ceremony of the Saint Andrews Cathedral in Glasgow by personal invitation from The Archbishop, Mario Conti. The piece, titled The Diminished Mass, has been a work in progress since nineteen ninety nine, and Alan had been waiting for the perfect occasion to release it. URTV was there to capture the passionate performance.

Video – Cathedral VT

And staying with culture, The Argyll Collection has been brought together for the first time by The Creative Arts in Scotland Team, who, with permission from His Grace the Duke of Argyll, are currently exhibiting the collection in stunning surroundings at his residence Inveraray Castle. URTV received a special invitation to the official opening.

Video – Duke of Argyll VT

And the collection will be on display until the 31st of May and is well worth a visit.
A new visitor and heritage centre has recently opened in Luss, almost a year earlier than planned. The Clan of Colquhoun’s official opening is not until two thousand and twelve, however, due to popular demand from here and across the world, the centre now welcomes visitors to come and browse their artifacts and provide assistance in tracing ancsestral clans. Nicki MacDonald spoke to George Kirkpatrick.

Video – Clan Culhoun VT

And who would have thought there was so much culture in our area? Well, judging by those stories we certainly think there is, and so URTV have decided to broadcast its very own dedicated Culture show. Stay tuned throughout the coming week for further details.
Now onto the community, and last week we reported grocery-chain waitrose have plans to open a branch in a site opposite the new Hermitage Academy. The out of town store would include a supermarket, fuel station and car park, but some fear this could have a negative impact on our town centre. We sent Nicki MacDonald out on the streets of Helensburgh this week to get your views.

Video – waitross vox pop VT

And if you want to have your say on the issue, pop your thoughts in the comments box below.
And finally, Helping people with dementia to live at home instead of going into hospital, could save the NHS one hundred and twenty seven million pounds a year, according to a new report launched by Healthcare at Home. Experts claim dementia is one of the biggest health and social care challenges of modern times. We spoke to URTV resident doctor Roger Brown and The Helensburgh Dementia resource Centre to find out more.

Video – Dementia VT

And The Community Safety Event, a joint partnership between the emergency services and Helensburgh Dementia resource centre, will be held next month on the 8th of June at the Arrochar 3 Villages Community Hall, and has been arranged to help local sufferers and their carers learn more about living with the condition.
Thats all for today, thanks for watching and enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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