Ardencaple Football Club Gala Day

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Ardencaple Football Club Gala Day

Ardencaple Gala day involved lots of boys and girls playing football as well as coaches at the end of the day. Clubs from around inver-Clyde attended the event at the Helensburgh Rugby Football Club

Margaret - Tuesday 16th April 4:46pm

Hi could i come along to your event with my snack  van all tested and insured hoping youll oblige here is my menu Steak rolls with mushroom & onions chicken burgers with salad plain or spicey Chinese noodles scampie n chips with salad burgers chips all your breckfast rolls bacon egg potato scone black pudding hot dogs all drinks. I also attend highland games agracultral shows festivals and gala days would be interested in comming to any rfl event in Scotland many thanks Margaret 

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