Thursday 21st July

Thursday 21st July

Revamped Clyde Dockyard Port Rules came into effect, irresponsible dog owners face council fines if they do not clean up after their pets and more people are using the online services provided by Argyll and Bute Council.

Clyde Dockyard Port Rules
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Hello, its Thursday the 21st of July, Im Maria Rasmussen
44 years after the Clyde Dockyard Port Rules came into effect, they have been re-vamped to bring them up to date. The rules, first established to protect the movements of nuclear submarines, will reflect modern changes in lifestyle and use of the waters around HM Naval Base Clyde. The areas affected are the Gare Loch, Loch Long and Loch Goil. Responsibilities for these areas will be under the direct control of the Queen’s Harbour Master, and the new rules now make it a criminal offense to come within 250 meters of a Navy Vessel and include a number of other changes. We spoke to David Lightfoot, the Queens Harbour Master at the base, this morning to find out more about the rule changes and what differences they will make.

Video – QMS Interview VT

And to see more on this, just click on the link below.
Dog owners face a forty pound fine if they fail to pick up any mess left behind by their pets in public places, and if they don’t give their name and address this rises to five hundred. The number of fines handed out for dog fouling in Argyll and Bute over the last five years was one hundred and twenty eight, an average of 2 per month. The council message is that irresponsible dog owners will not be tolerated, and council environmental wardens will continue to be pro-active across the area in a bid to catch and punish those who disregard the law. The council would urge anyone who witnesses an owner failing to clear up after their dog to report them. We want to know what you think, do the council do enough to enforce this law? is there a dog fouling problem in your area? Add your comments in the box below.
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Argyll and Bute council have reported a huge rise in the number of residents using their website to pay for council services, such as council tax, school meals and planning application charges. In June two thousand and ten the income of the website was sixty thousand pounds and this June it has risen to one hundred thousand, thats an increase of nearly seventy percent. And in the future there’ll be the chance to do much more on the website including requesting recycling and wheelie bins, reporting fly tipping, reporting roads and lighting faults and paying car parking fines.
And finally the weather today, sunny with scattered showers and a high of 17 Degrees Celcius. And tomorrow, cloudy with some sunny spells and a high of 18. Thats all for today, thanks for watching.

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