Wednesday 7th September

Wednesday 7th September

Two Helensburgh men have been convicted at the high court in Glasgow of being involved in a £40 Million cocaine smuggling ring.
Controversy continues over the current plans for the £6.6 million Helensburgh CHORD project.
A ship from Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde has been helping to clear the way for vital aid to get through to the people of Libya.
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Hello, its Wednesday the 7th of September, welcome to URTV, Im Maria Rasmussen.
Two helensburgh men have been convicted at the high court in Glasgow, of being involved in a 40 million pound cocaine smuggling ring. Lindsay Harkins from Helensburgh and Keith Blenkinsop, of Annan were found guilty of being ringleaders . Also convicted of acting as mules were Andrew Burns, of Helensburgh; Robert Dalrymple, of Gretna; and James Elvin, from Clydebank. The cocaine was concealed inside suitcases and holdalls flown by couriers into Prestwick, Glasgow and Newcastle airports. The court heard how the operation came to an end when one of the gang’s couriers, David Harbinson, 41, of Annan, was caught with some counterfeit £20 notes, and blurted out details of the drugs scheme to police. A teller at a Marks and Spencer exchange bureue in Carlisle noticed the currency among a bundle of sterling he wanted to convert to euros. Mr Harbinson gave evidence against his former associates and has now been placed on a witness protection programme………..Controversy continues over the current plans for the six point six million pound Helensburgh CHORD project, as almost one thousand five hundred residents signed a petition, backed by Councilor James Robb, highlighting areas of concerns over the proposed re-vamp of Colquhoun Square. I spoke to Councillor James Robb and Councillor Gary Mulvaney, Chair of the Helensburgh CHORD project, to see what each side had to say…..

Video – Councilors Robb and Mulvaney VT

And if you want to see more on what both councillors had to say, just click on the special extended feature below…….A ship from her Majesties Naval Base Clyde has been helping to clear the way for vital aid to get through to the people of Libya. HMS bangor has been supporting Nato forces in the Mediterranean waters off the coast of libya, just yards from land under constant threat from artillery fire from troops loyal to Colonel Gaddafi. The Sandown Class Mine Countermeasure Vessel has conducted six different operations in the region, ensuring that the waters around Misratah Port remain clear from mines, and that vital humanitarian aid reaches the Libyan people. The brave crew have risen to the challenging task of protecting the sea lanes, manning their posts in heat of over 35 degrees, having to remain constantly vigilant for incoming threats. Petty Officer Steven Moss, one of two mine hunting directors on the vessel, has said they spend so long training for times like these, and it is fantastic to get a chance to do their jobs in a real, high threat environment…….And finally the weather today, rain with a high of 14 degrees celcius. and tomorrow, its rain again with a high of 15. Thats all for today, thanks for watching.

James Robb - Wednesday 7th September 4:52pm

I have had no involvement with the petition but I do support Helensburgh Community Council's decision to call for a review of the Colquhoun Square design. It would have given a much more balanced view of the CHORD Project, its strengths and the desires of residents if Councillor Mulvaney had agreed for this to be a joint interview. Unfortunately he refused to debate the matter on urtv. Constructive discussion is the way forward to a greater consensus. All the people I have talked to around the town can find positives in the project but there is a consensus to straighten the road and increase the grassed areas in Colquhoun Square, a trial of the new traffic arrangements before spending millions digging up the roads and with the money saved to build new toilets at Kidston Park.

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