Sainsbury's Interested in Helensburgh

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Sainsbury's Interested in Helensburgh

A full scale ‘store wars’ looks set to unfold, as supermarket chain Sainsbury’s announce plans to regenerate the Heart of Helensburgh. Sainsbury is the latest supermarket chain to show interest in Helensburgh, with Waitrose having already submitted an application for a site opposite Hermitage Academy and Asda announcing its interest in the town centre. Sainsbury’s have revealed plans of creating a mixed development on the Helensburgh Pier site, which could include a food store, petrol station and office accommodation. The supermarket giant will be undertaking a full public consultation exercise in the coming weeks with local residents and local businesses to gather feedback before lodging a planning application to Argyll & Bute Council. We spoke to Paul Miller, Sainsbury’s National Development Surveyor for Scotland to find out more.

GRACE SIM - Monday 19th August 8:35am

Please come to Helenshurgh. It would be so much more convenient and indeed a primary shopping for many.

Carole Spencer - Sunday 4th December 11:11pm

I love Sainsburys & frequent the store in Drumchapel as it has nice often unusual & more varied items than most supermarkets. I would welcome one locally as Drumchapel is a trek. However I think at the pier has got to be the worst place to locate it! Why there? Why ruin one of Helensburgh's main assets with plonking a supermarket there? This will cause a parking nightmare, as well as ruin the whole visage! What about Fireworks night too? What will become of that & the Fairground that has been there for years? Or do they not count because they are not part of a huge industry with a fat wallet that can buy what it wants?

JD Morton - Wednesday 30th November 1:27pm

Yes it will bring in jobs and everything great! have you seen the view that is going to be wrecked! why ruin something the public can free assess and what of the other shops we do not want all the other shops to loose business as it is it seems there is already good shops to purchase good food from but if Salisbury could beat farm-food's deals the great! but the views and scenery is my biggest concern would it really suit the land scape that big modern building ..... just putting a point across although if it does happen i hope it works out.

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