Dumbarton Councilor Objects to Waitrose

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Dumbarton Councilor Objects to Waitrose

Dumbarton Councilor Jonathan McColl speaks to URTV about his objection to a Waitrose out of town site in Helensburgh as he believes Dumbarton retailers will suffer as a results.

Hector - Tuesday 11th October 12:44pm

Please dont just focus on Dumbarton, West Dumbartonshire council also includes clydebank and Vale of leven, which all have multiple large Supermarket chains and helensburgh has the COOP. I recon they have been taking backhanders from tesco and COOP to allow their monopoly of helensburgh to continue.

Mary - Tuesday 11th October 11:16am

Hang on.... did Dumbarton have any thought to Helensburgh when they built Asda, Morrisons AND marks and spencers OR even to their OWN high street which has suffered as a result??!! This is a joke!! I wasn’t too fussed about the possibility of a new supermarket coming to Helensburgh but now Dumbarton have thrown their dummy out their pram I’m all for it!

oohBetty - Monday 10th October 8:09pm

Did Argyll & Bute council object when WDC allowed several large stores to be built in their catchment area? Or an even larger retail park?? This councillor has just highlighted the extent of potential business lost from Helensburgh from consumers going elsewhere! Yet expects retailers & consumers to carry on regardless without the opportunity to improve! How ridiculous! This is total discrimmination to consumers living in Helensburgh & the surrounding rural pockets! Why in hard times like these should we have to support & stabilize other catchment areas when it is inconvenient & expensive to do so? Helensburgh is now under Argyll & Bute not WDC for a reason!....because WDC or DDC (as it used to be called) let Helensburgh fall apart!

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