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When We Contemplate - John Muir Songcycle

When We Contemplate - John Muir Songcycle

Louise Burnet presents John Muir Songcycle. A new work composed by the towns own Louise Burnett in honour of the opening of the John Muir Way. Instrumentalists and two choirs bought together for what will be the best musical event of the John Muir Festival. Helensburgh musicians and children will perform a new cycle of songs to texts by John Muir. Clarsachs, drumkit, flutes, a lone piper and projected photos of the John Muir Way will add Scottish flavour.

When we contemplate performed by Emma Versteeg and accompanied by Stephen Adam on piano and Louise Burnet herself on alto flute.

When we contemplate the whole globe,
As one great dewdrop,
Striped and dotted with
Continents and islands,
Flying through space,
With other stars,
All singing and shining
Together as one
The whole universe appears as an
Infinite storm of beauty.

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